What is fructose and how does it affect your liver and muscle building? Is too much fructose toxic to your liver?

Fructose is commonly known as fruit sugar. The major elements present in fructose are simple sugars and carbohydrates, which is often derived from fruits. When fructose and glucose are joined together, they make sucrose; which is also known as table sugar after extracting and refining it. Therefore, making sweet foods like desserts, carbonated soft drinks, cakes, sweetened beverages and even fruit juices and so on, to possess large quantities of fructose. With information like this at hand, it keeps most of us wondering if fructose is harmful towards the human body since fructose is also present in natural fruits.

According to studies, fructose has indeed proved itself to have the potential to inflict liver damage. Fructose is not only harmful towards the liver but it is highly associated with problems under the metabolic syndrome umbrella such as diseases like obesity, diabetes and a range of heart diseases. The reason behind this is because fructose is used by the liver to create fat; a process called lipogenesis. This process will cause the liver to contain fat deposits which is also called nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. This is extremely harmful as it will damage the healthy cells within the liver and leaving you with a bad case of cirrhosis. Other than that, the breakdown of fructose within the liver also has a history of increasing triglyceride levels; which is a type of fat found in your blood that has the ability to increase the risk of heart diseases.

The problem concerning fructose has been made a top priority for researchers and scientists around the world because it is equipped with a string of chronic diseases like increasing bad cholesterol, also known as LDL (Low-density lipoprotein), promoting the growth of visceral fat, an increase in blood pressure, making tissues and cells in our body insulin-resistant which can will lead to diabetes as well as creating compounds that can damage DNA cells. However, how much fructose is safe? Research shows us that consuming more than 50 grams of fructose a day can be harmful and can start causing a series of unhealthy problems. Here is a list of fruits that an average person would commonly consume on a daily basis.

Fructose is definitely something we should all keep an eye out for, it has not only shown evidence of problematic diseases which has the intention of ending a life but it is one of the problems that society has continued to neglect and ignore.

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