Ketogenic Diet for Bodybuilders

What is Ketogenic diet? How does it aid in fat loss? What benefits are there?

For those of you who have been trying to lose weight or have been searching for solutions to drop a couple of pounds, then you most probably have stumbled upon the Ketogenic Diet. The Keto Diet is basically a low carbohydrate diet or a low carbohydrate high fat (LCHF) diet; for some people, it is known as the diet that can work when nothing else will.

A Ketogenic Diet is to consume approximately around 70% – 80% of fat. YES, FAT. Here’s why, in an average person’s diet, daily food intake consists of high amounts of carbohydrates. When processed in the body, glucose and insulin are produced. We all know that glucose is the simplest form of molecule that our body uses to convert into energy. Since glucose is the primary source of energy, fat is not needed and therefore it is stored within the body. Hence, leading to gaining weight.

A Ketogenic Diet is focused on lowering the intake of carbohydrates, and resulting in the body attaining a state called ketosis. Ketosis is a natural metabolic process for the body to obtain energy when there isn’t enough glucose, and instead, the body starts to produce acids called ketones when the burning of fat takes place in the liver. When the body is overloaded with fat along with the absence of carbohydrates, the body naturally starts burning ketones to be used as energy. The ultimate goal of a well maintained Keto Diet is to make your body go into ketosis so that you are actively burning stored fat. According to studies, this diet has proven to be better than a typical high carbohydrate low fat (HCLF) diet.

A Ketogenic Diet isn’t just limited to building lean muscle and losing body fat, it has a variety of health benefits as well. One of them being mental focus, ketones play a big part in this; it serves as a great source of energy for our brains. When you consume lower intakes of carbohydrates, blood sugar spikes are lowered as well. Resulting in improved focus and concentration. Because of this, many people are using this diet to improve mental performance. The Ketogenic Diet also has the ability to lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure. By lowering your carbohydrate intake, you decrease the chance of obtaining high triglyceride levels and cholesterol levels in the body. Alternatively, a Ketogenic Diet has shown an increase in high-density lipoprotein (HDL) also known as “good-cholesterol”.

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