What are the benefits of vegan protein compared to whey protein?

Protein, the foundation for building a leaner, better, healthier physique. Protein has quite a diverse amino acid profile where many say are the building blocks of muscle. Without amino acids, it would basically be impossible for someone to build, repair or maintain muscle tissue. They are responsible for muscle development and performance. Therefore, providing your body with a constant supply of protein is essential for optimal muscle growth. Two types of protein powders can be categorized under animal-based protein, which is derived from whey, eggs and casein, as well as plant-based proteins, which is derived from hemp, rice, potatoes, peas, quinoas and many more.

Animal-based protein or commonly known as whey protein, is a source of protein that is naturally found in milk. It is mixed with a complex mix of enzymes called rennant, which results with the milk curdling and separating into two different ingredients; one of the two being whey, which is then processed into a powder form to form whey protein powders. Although whey protein is said to provide amazing results, there are a few downsides to consider. Ever wondered why whey and farts are unsavorily linked? This is because whey protein contains lactose which can be hard to digest, leading to flatulence, bad cases of diarrhea and that common bloated feeling. Other than that, most whey protein products are heavily processed, severely degrading the nutritional content including the protein’s quality.

Plant-based proteins are extracted purely from plants which can be just as effective as whey proteins. Plant-based proteins have none of the drawbacks compared to whey protein products. Most plant-based protein powders are obtained from popular plant-based protein supplements such as peas, brown rice, hemp, and soy. All these proteins share common features such as being able to digest easier. This is because plants are easier to digest compared to dairy products and don’t come along with unwanted bowel problems. Plant-based proteins are proven to be a much healthier choice as for they are allergen-free.

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