High-Protein Mass Gainer?

68 Grams of Protein, 14.8 Grams of BCAA from Proteins plus 1,250 Calories.

Now that’s one hell of a Mass Gainer. We all know when you’re trying to bulk; you should be in a calorie surplus. So you try your best to load on as much calories as you possibly can in a day, what if we told you calories isn’t the only factor you should be considering?


AlphaBolic’s Pro Gainer Advanced is manufactured in Walldorf, Germany. Alphabolic was founded back in 2012 where their focus was to provide athletes with the best and most effective supplements in the market. Therefore, AlphaBolic has dedicated itself in formulating & producing the best Mass Gainer with the latest and current advancements in the nutraceuticals industry. AlphaBolic’s Pro Gainer Advanced is made with clinically-proven ingredients with the highest level of GMP quality control standards.


We all know that Mass Gainers are essential for bulking, but how do you know that what you’re getting is actually EFFECTIVE? The key to a successful bulk is to increase our daily calories as well as PROTEIN! You want to make sure a bulk goes well by not only putting on FAT, but you want to make sure you’re gaining a good amount of MUSCLE MASS. With AlphaBolic’s New & Improved Pro Gainer Advanced, it’s a dream turned into reality. You’re not only getting 1,250 of Calories, but also a whopping 68 grams of protein. And for those you might not think that’s a lot, trust us, that is a big amount for a Mass Gainer. Besides that, AlphaBolic’s Pro Gainer is also loaded with 6 grams of Nano Micronized Creatine Monohydrate and 14.8 grams of BCAA from proteins, which helps muscle recovery and aid in the process of gaining extra pounds of muscle mass you train so hard for! And not to mention, it mixes very well and it tastes AMAZING.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, advanced or a season bodybuilder who’s just looking for some extra size, AlphaBolic’s Pro Gainer Advanced definitely provides. Look what Pro Bodybuilder Aron Imbayan has to say:



So, what’s the best way to take AlphaBolic’s Pro Gainer Advanced? We recommend taking your first 2 scoops at a planned time during the day, preferably between meals to satisfy your protein or mass-gaining requirements. And another 2 more scoops 15-30 minutes after your workout. This is extremely crucial because after an intensive workout, your body’s growth ability and anabolic window will be open to absorb nutrients. Therefore, use Alphabolic’s Pro Gainer Advanced at this time to rapidly replenish macronutrients and amino acids to fuel recovery growth.



Alphabolic’s Pro Gainer Advanced is now available at MadNutrition for RM205. You can drop by our store to get one on your own or you can place your order for this powerful mass gainer on our website. Here’s a link to the AlphaBolic’s Pro Gainer Advanced (https://madnutrition.my/product/alphabolic-pro-gainer-advanced-12lbs/). Make sure to select your flavour, quantity and click “Add to your cart” and checkout. For this time, we will be including a FREE SHIPPING COUPON CODE which is “PROGAINER2019”. Don’t miss this awesome opportunity to bag one of the most powerful Mass Gainers in the market today! Happy Gaining!


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