The products you are about to discover have been developed by some of the most well respected and influential experts in sports performance and physique development. Our bio-technical research group is comprised of experts in nutritional research and development, exercise physiology and athletic training. It is the combined efforts of each of these disciplines that have resulted in highly effective products that significantly impact athletic performance.
For the first time ever you now have the opportunity to apply the culmination of our experience to your own personal training regime. For over twenty years, members of our team have combined cutting-edge nutritional science with experimental and practical application that has effectively influenced athletic performance.
Much of this science has not been available outside of the professional ranks. New advances in ingredient availability and affordability, has allowed us to offer products to athletes outside of the professional level. Every product we offer has been applied to human performance and proven effective at the elite level before it reaches your hands. We do not rely solely on theoretical and/or clinical results, instead we put everything we develop to the real-life test and only accept real-life proven results.
What we know at Hyper Strength® is that physique development requires knowledge of all of the anabolic, metabolic, and catabolic systems in the body. The goal of the physique athlete is to increase muscular size and definition and burn excess body fat. The administration of anabolic substrates and nutritional complexes must coincide with anaerobic resistive training and aerobic endurance training. It is this coordination of strategic substrate administration with the anabolic, metabolic and catabolic requirements of the body as determined by the mode of athletic training that has led to the dramatic results we have experienced with our nutritional programs.

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